Ecology Plastics

100% recycled plastic plastic products

Our compact and efficient factory, located in Durban, is equipped with the latest in production technology and more importantly has a compliment of staff dedicated to producing top-class products to meet our customers’ requirements.Products made from recycled plastic offer a number of performance benefits:Extremely durable - products have an expected lifespan of at least 60 years with little wear.Cost saving - significant savings in labour and materials due to reduced maintenance and replacement requirements.No painting or treatment is required.Rot and algae-proof - does nor require maintenance, painting or preservatives. The colour is consistent throughout the material.Vandal resistant - due to its surface texture, the product is very resistant to graffiti, which can be removed with household cleaners.Less flammable - most recycled plastic products are difficult to ignite and fire does not spread readily.Crack-proof and insect-resistant - recycled plastic products will not crack or dry out and are resistant to attack by insects.Non-slip - plastic is moulded to have a non-slip surface (See slip test).Splinter-free - plastic does not splinter.

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    Ecology Plastics

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