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We should be launching on the 21 August 2020

About Find On Vine

What we are doing and how we are doing it!

Are you building, renovating or maintaining your home?

As an extension of The Grapevine Magazine, we are here to make it easy for home owners to find reliable and professional contractors. Once you have selected your service provider and the job is done. You can then rate and review the work they have done so that your fellow home owners can make a more informed descision.

Who should use our renovation and contractor finding service?

We are based in Kwazulu Natal and operate thoughout South Africa. If you’re looking to renovate your home or start a new building project. We are here to help you find top professional contractors and service providers in South Africa. Our quote system is easy to use and allows you to find and request quotations from multiple service providers.

Where do your contractors and service providers operate?

Our contractors operate throughout South Africa, our platform and quote system is structured around local busines and major cities making it easier to find the top contractors and service providers in the country. If you’re looking to renovate your home or start a new building project, try our easy to use and efficient quote system.

Why Join Find On Vine

Do you run a local business or provide a service

Find On Vine is all about connecting local business with there immediate customers. Our approach to making your business a success is two fold. We use todays location based technology found in smart phones and desktop computers where possible to match your business to your nearest customer. Our second approach is to work with Google to get your business noticed. We take search engine optomisation (SEO) very seriously and run reguler audits and take action where and when needed.

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